Hell(o), 2017.

Hi, it’s Mathias here. I just got back from Sackville, New Brunswick, where Ariel and I spent the evening of the New Year with good friends and good cheer. It was nice. I had my hair braided by one of the quadruplets that stood outside George’s Roadhouse almost 10 years ago, watching The Burning Hell play from the deck because they were too young to get in. It’s nice to reconnect with people and have them braid your hair. We also formed a baseball team, because there were exactly nine of us around the table at the stroke of midnight. The name of our baseball team is One Thousand Cats.

ariel-xmas-2016New years always feel somewhat arbitrary to me, partly because I grew up with a different but simultaneous calendar system. Yet back in the 1500s Pope Greg the 13th said we should all adopt this Gregorian calendar of his, and a lot of us have, and again the year has ticked over and it’s a new one now and apparently this means we all need to reflect and look backward and forward and suchlike. So:

Top ten things of 2016: Dogs, rain, wizardry, etc.

Top ten things of 2017: the future, the past, immortality, the greatest baseball team One Thousand Cats.

In all seriousness, I hope that 2017 brings some real old-timey grassroots political action, and all the folks that haven’t lost their marbles yet can get together and chase the emerging global order of fascist slimeballs back under their rocks.

I would also like a pony.

In the meantime, we have some news:

  1. Nick is having a baby. What! Yes. Congratulations Nick! He’ll be taking some paternity leave this year to focus on nappies and naps and raps.
  2. In the meantime: Ariel, Darren and I will be doing some touring in May (stay tuned for a more specific announcement soon) and then recording a new album, which Magic 8 Ball predicts will come out sometime in the fall.
  3.  2017 will see The Burning Hell head to corners of the world we have not yet explored, including several islands in warm seas and a few islands in very cold ones, at least one mountaintop, and a country filled with men in sweater-vests playing backgammon in the afternoon sun. If you want us to come to your corner of the world, just send us a message and ask. We love getting invitations.

For now, stay safe and stay sane and get your bat all shined up. Game on!





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