Big Times, Big Changes, Big Love

I’m not going to spill all the beans right now (who wants to clean up all those beans?) but there are some big changes afoot in the musical universe of me, Mathias Kom, and my band The Burning Hell. And no, we are not finally embarking on the promised rap-metal journey you have longed for.

One thing that is happening, or has happened, is that our dear friend and longest-serving Burning Hell drummer Jake Nicoll has exited stage left to concentrate on other projects, especially recording projects. Jake likes the studio much better than the road, and he is very, very talented in that studio. We wish him the best.

Another thing that is happening is that in December we are setting sail across the Atlantic for what may be the last tour of The Burning Hell in the format that you may know us, as a five-piece rock band, for quite some time. Maybe forever? Who knows. But we have never stood still, and while the consistency of our sound and lineup for the last few years has been fun and satisfying, we are greedy for new instruments, new ideas, new languages, even new clothes. Especially new clothes. The upcoming Year of the Rooster will be a year of exploration and invention, a year of lycra pantsuits.

In the meantime, if you want to catch us as The Burning Hell The Rock Band, playing all the golden non-hits from our newest album Public Library, along with a surprise pack of deep cuts and lost favourites from albums of yesteryear, you have exactly 16 chances to do so. Tickets and info: click on “Shows” above. For now: be well, and big love.





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