Fuck The Government, I Love You.

In the spirit of election fever here in Canada, we’d like to share our new video for our equally new song “Fuck The Government, I Love You”. Rob Viscardis directed, shot and edited it in our old stomping grounds of Peterborough Ontario earlier this summer. We had a lot of fun making it, as you can probably tell.

Anyway, this song will appear in this form on an upcoming Burning Hell album to be released in the spring on 2016. We enjoyed playing this song so much, though, that we decided to record another version of it which will be included on Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom’s forthcoming record “Don’t Believe The Hyperreal” (out Nov 27 via BB*Island and Headless Owl Records, scroll down for more details).

PS: “Fuck The Government, I Love You” is an autobiographical tale of love and awkward dancing, and not strictly about governments per se. But the general sentiment of the title and chorus is one I feel very deeply. Whether talking about the current crop of borderline fascists running things in Canada, or even the slightly less terrible gremlins we will hopefully elect on October 19, or almost any other government anywhere in the world in the history of such things: fuck ’em, I love you.

In other words, I believe that the relationships we build between ourselves as thinking and caring individuals are much stronger and more capable of shaping our lives for the better than any collection of overfed bozos in a business-grey-drenched Parliament somewhere. Not to say that voting isn’t important—if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you have the right to do so, I encourage it as an act of hope in a world that needs it desperately. I just voted (early) and it felt great, as always. I have my little team I’m cheering for, as you probably do, wherever you are. But whatever the result of the election here in Canada, or anywhere else, I think it’s important not to lose faith in each other and our ability to effect change directly in our own lives.

Now pass the wine, please.


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