Where Are They Now?

Fairfield Gothic

What’s new with The Burning Hell? Well, rumour has it that Ariel and Mathias have become experimental garlic farmers in a remote corner of Canada, and the photo above, leaked from an undisclosed source, seems to confirm suspicions. Meanwhile, after reportedly turning down offers from George Miller to play the guitar/flamethrower guy in Mad Max: Fury Road, Darren has moved to Saarbrücken, Germany, where his theatrical work (see below) is being lauded as “ausgezeichnet”.

Boobie's Doppelganger

For months, however, music fans worldwide have been wondering just what has become of Nick and Jake, The Burning Hell’s enigmatic rhythm section. Well, wonder no more: it seems that after the last European tour, the pair stayed behind and found work as the backing band of famed Leipzig-based touring outfit “Sexy Hexi,” offering “Disco & More” to the people of rural Saxony.


Luckily for all of us, the garlic harvesting season is still a month away, theatre is a dying art, and people seem to want more than just disco and more these days; in short, The Burning Hell is back together again, ready to hit the highways and back alleys of Europe and the UK again. Recordings are planned, gigs are a certainty, and shenanigans are inevitable. Stay tuned to this channel for more exciting updates!


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