New live album, new outfits, and new adventures.

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A nice man with a goatee and Oakley sunglasses came to the door today after parking his big delivery truck in the driveway. I never learned his name, but he smiled and handed us many large brown boxes filled with good new things, including:

1. Copies of our new live album, featuring songs recorded on stages in Ramsgate, Dresden and Berlin, and artwork by the great Donna Stolz featuring the band dressed as their spirit animals. We decided to call it “Live Animals” because we are hilarious geniuses. You can order it or download it here.

2. Bundles of super fashionable clothing, including three new T-shirts and a new tank top too, designed by the talented Ariel Sharratt. Each item of fabulous beachwear comes with a download of an album. Find out more here.

3. The promise of springtime.

Oh, also, we are going on another big tour. Along the way we’re going to record at least one, but possibly even two new albums. Why so busy? Well, even down in the depths of the murky river, the carp say carp die so carpe diem.

See you down there!


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