Seasons and Greetings

Spring is the time for rabbits and flowers and dancing around the maypole. Summer is the season of baseball games and cotton candy melting on your fingers and the air conditioning breaking down. Autumn is all about new pencil-cases and crunchy leaves and sadness. And winter, of course, is what’s happening now.

Many animals – like the mighty ground squirrel – hibernate through the cold months. We are not ground squirrels. But they might be on to something, after all, and The Burning Hell is taking a page out of the ground squirrel book (they only have one) and taking it relatively easy until the early summer of next year.

But the last few weeks have been busy – new songs are in the works, and Ariel and Mathias played a handful of very special duo shows around Germany, including a magical night in Berlin with Horror Me and the incredibly fun Hasenschaukel 10-Year Anniversary party in Hamburg (see party-preparation snapshot below).

Mathias at Hasenschaukel

The Burning Hell has also joined forces with Stanley Brinks and Freschard to make a new band called The Fox, and their debut album will be released in early 2015, full of horns and four-part vocal good times. In other news, Mathias wrote a theme song for the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, which you can listen to here.

The tribute album My Name Is Mathias is selling briskly, raising a nice little pile of cash for the Kingston Humane Society. As a special holiday fun thing to do, we’re also sending out holiday cards with a special exclusive download of not one but two Burning Hell songs all about Hanukkah, which starts tomorrow… and of course if you’re in the holiday shopping mood you can order lots of other fun things at our online store.

Happy holidays, friends. Stay warm.


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