In Greek there’s this untranslatable word: φιλότιμο (pronounced “philotimo”). There’s no equivalent in English, but it describes unconditional love and generosity, the impulse to do selfless, incredible things for other people.

As a lover of untranslatable words, I have always wanted a reason to use φιλότιμο, and now I have it.

You may have read on this blog that I had an extremely hard time this past April. Unbeknownst to me, Nick Ferrio (our bass player), Andrew Stratis (head honcho of Headless Owl Records) and Jud Haynes (frequent partner in crime and graphic designer extraordinaire) were busy conspiring to try and make me feel better… then, a month ago, this happened:

‘My Name Is Mathias’ is an album of covers of Burning Hell songs by some of my favourite songwriters and dearest friends all over the world, with beautiful original artwork by Jud Haynes, and it’s officially released today on Headless Owl Records. For those of you who got too emotional to watch the video above, everyone kept this a secret from me for months, until I was on stage in St. John’s. I can’t accurately convey the overwhelming sense of love and gratitude I feel towards all of the people that contributed to this, and especially towards Nick, Andrew and Jud and their incredible display of φιλότιμο. Maybe there’s another Greek word for this feeling I’m feeling.

To stream and/or buy the record digitally, go HERE.

To order the physical CD, go HERE.

To everyone who has supported the Burning Hell in one way or another over the years: thank you. It means more than you can possibly know.

xo Mathias


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