We got the band back together.

Burning Hell Watermelon small
Hello folks!
It’s a rare update from Canada… Ariel and Mathias hadn’t seen Nick, Jake or Darren in over a year, and last week we had a grand old reunion on the streets of Kensington Market. After some rehearsing, some rejoicing and a whole lot of Mother’s Dumplings, we played at the Silver Dollar with the outstanding By Divine Right. The next morning we drove up to Peterborough where we warmed up the stage for Blue Rodeo at the Memorial Centre – an amazing show that also ended nice and early, so we got downtown just in time to see our friends Blimp Rock and Kelly McMichael at the Spill. Early the next morning we flew through the air to St. John’s, where we spent the weekend playing the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Festival and enjoying what felt like the biggest and most incredible family reunion ever. Before we head back across the pond to start in on our new run of European shows, we’ll be at the Peterborough Folk Festival on August 23. It’s a free festival with one of the most exciting lineups of the summer – Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars, The Constantines, Geoff Berner, Great Lake Swimmers, By Divine Right, Marine Dreams, The Weather Station, Bird City, Michael Feuerstack, Ben Rough, Baby Eagle and so many more… hope to see you there, or else in one of these other places!


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