Music or footie? It’s all up to you.

As I type this, the news that England is now officially out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is slowly sinking in. A nation reels. Costa Ricans rejoice. The planet, unperturbed, spins on.

The good news, for grieving fans of English football, is that Ariel and Mathias (pictured above) are heading to the UK in a couple of weeks to play some duo shows. They are very excited, and they will try to make you feel better. The bad news is that – unfairly – the World Cup continues despite England’s ouster, and we’ll be there during the fevered height of it all, when (for example) Chile and Cote d’Ivoire may be busy battling for world domination.

So: if there are some music fans out there in the UK that won’t be completely glued to their tellies, drooling and starving and incoherent with sports-lust, please come and hang out at any or all of the following shows.
See you on the pitch!


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