April is the cruelest month

NPG P1687; T.S. Eliot by George Platt Lynes
The last month has been the worst of my life. It all started so well: Ariel and I embarked on our very first UK tour, and things were coming up roses. Then suddenly, I received word that my mother was in critical condition. We canceled the rest of the tour and took the first plane back to Canada. My mom died a few days later. We did our best to get through the next couple of weeks; I don’t remember anything very clearly.

By the end of the month I was finally feeling ready to face the world again, and we got on another plane to go meet the rest of the band for a set at the Lawnya Vawnya festival in St. John’s. This was the fourth year of the festival, and the first that Ariel and I weren’t running it. We were excited to get back and see all of our friends and be in our sometimes-home. Fate had other ideas, though, and the plane circled the airport and didn’t land. Too much fog, they said, and flew us all the way back. The next day we repeated the exact same procedure, after which they announced that all flights were canceled for the weekend. So we missed the festival completely.

Now, back in Berlin, I’m looking at the calendar and hoping that the end of this month might mean the beginning of happier days ahead. I could use some.

The good news in all of this is that these trying times have demonstrated very clearly just how many incredible friends I have, who have all been so supportive and helpful. On the more practical side of things, our outstanding booking agent Sebastian Hoffmann at Paper and Iron has worked together with a great group of kind and sympathetic promoters in the UK to re-schedule all of our canceled dates for this coming July, plus more UK dates in September with the whole band and again in October as a duo – see the details here.

To all of you friends and supporters out there in cyberspace, thanks for understanding. May all of our futures be brighter.


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