Les aventures de l’enfer brûlant en Janvier…

Salut, mecs! We’re heading off for a trois-pack of shows in la Francophonie (and a warm-up in Düsseldorf). I’m sure they’ll all be fun, and I hate picking favourites, but I’m especially excited about the Mains D’Oeuvres (MoFo) Festival in Paris, where we’ll be backed up by two surprise guests on la basse and la batterie. We’ve been hearing about this festival for ages, and they always have a swoony, ear-loving lineup. This year is no exception, and lots of amazing other folks are playing too, like Jeffrey Lewis and the Jrams, Obits, Lucky Dragons, Cass McCombs and so on and so on… But if you can’t make it to Paris, maybe you can catch up with us in Belgium, or on down the road in Germany, Italy, Greece, the UK. Heck, maybe even Canada! Like always, keep checking our tour dates, which we update with startling (almost upsetting) precision and efficiency.


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