It Takes All Kinds of People to Make a World

My sixth birthday is a vague memory – I think it may have involved too many hot dogs, and probably a lot of running around and screaming. I imagine that most of my friends’ parents went home that evening and had an extra glass of Adult Juice, for their ‘nerves’. And I’m sure the occasion was momentous for me at the time. Sadly, I can’t remember much at all.

Happily, however, I can celebrate the number six all over again, because on April 16th, our sixth album will be released, and shortly thereafter we will wade once again into the warm waters of Tour Lagoon. I hope you’ll strap on your snorkel and join us.

In Canada, we’re doing an extra-special pressing of the record on heavyweight neon green vinyl, complete with foil stamped artwork, a free download, real human hair, and all the trimmings (the hair part was a joke). There are a limited number of these being made, and you can pre-order one through Headless Owl Records.

The album – as the name implies – is all about the people it takes to make a world: Amateur Rappers, Realists, Barbarians, and more. You can listen to a sneak-preview of the first track, Grown-Ups, right


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