Everything new is old again


Folks, according to the Gregorian calendar it is now a new year, and this is cause to celebrate. Here at the offices of The Burning Hell, the staff are excited by the imminent release of both a new 10″ EP and the sixth full-length Burning Hell album. Both were recorded last summer in Berlin, and both are finally almost ready to see the bright light of day.

The EP – “Old, New, Borrowed, Blue” – features new recordings of two classic Burning Hell jams, a very special cover song, and two songs from the full-length recording sessions as well. It will be available in mid-February on a limited edition 10″ slab of blue vinyl courtesy of Headless Owl Records.

Next, in mid-April, we’re releasing our newest full-length album “People”, and embarking on another epic tour of many lands and wildernesses to play songs for you and for your friends and family too. “People” will be available in Canada through Headless Owl Records and in Europe through BB Island. In the meantime all of our other records are still available from (weewerk), so there’s lots of us for you to take home.

Stay tuned for more details, stay warm, and stay gold, Ponyboy.


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