Like a giant squid, we have many powerful appendages.


Did you know that in the last few months, three Burning Hell members (Hellers? Hellikins? Hellheads?) have released their own records? THREE! Holy moly, that’s a lot. And as Dale Cooper might say, Diane, if you ever get up this way, that pie is worth a stop.

First is Michael C. Duguay’s solo record ‘Heavy on the Glory’. Recorded in Peterborough by James Bunton (Light Fires, Ohbijou, etc) and featuring a who’s who of Kawarthan talent, this one has been a long time coming – and it’s finally out, so cash those cheques and spend them


Next up to bat is Jake Nicoll’s aptly-titled Tour EP. While the rest of the band was busy drinking beer or eating dinner (or, ahem, loading gear) Jake could often be found immersed in headphones with all manner of technology sprouting out of his rucksack. We had no idea he was actually doing something productive. In any case, it’s great, and it’s


Lastly, but not leastly, it’s Nick Ferrio and his Feelings debut album! Europeans were digging this record months before Canadians got their hands on it this fall, but now it’s available for the whole world to enjoy. If you’re a fan of country music – actually, if you’re a fan of plain old music – you should definitely get yourself a copy


Enjoy the music, and stick around for more details on the not-so-far-off release of the 6th Burning Hell record, tentatively titled ‘Led Zeppelin III’.


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