Making records, breaking records: A Horoscope

Ariel with Tape

See the photo? That’s Ariel, on her way to the mastering studio with the tapes of the album we recorded this summer in Berlin. And after making a record, we decided to break a record, as you might have heard. we played ten shows in ten countries in 24 hours, and we still had seventeen minutes to spare. Holy moly! At some point early in the new year, you’ll get to see a documentary about the whole adventure. But for now, wow – we’re tired. It’s time for naps and pyjamas.

As for the new album, I don’t want to say too much about it, because there’s still time before it goes out into the world. Let’s just say that, thanks to the tireless efforts and biblical patience of our producers Norman Nitzsche and Ramin Bijan, it sounds great. Let’s also say that it’s quite a departure for the band, a departure that we enjoyed taking. We hope you will too, though we also know how much people like for things to stay the same. But like I always say: if you want consistency, try religion or McDonald’s.

Anyway, stay tuned for hints, leaks and updates about the new record and a 2013 release tour. For now, it’s time to enjoy the end of the summer, the beginning of fall. Time to go to Halifax Pop Explosion. Time to think about canning preserves and gathering acorns. Time to figure out how to play a show in Antarctica.

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk, please drop us a line. We love to talk.


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