Goodbye Arctic, Hello Helsinki!

Friends, we’ve had a wonderful time in the last little while. A wonderful and very busy time. First we recorded a new album in Berlin in June, then in early July we set a new world record for most shows in the most countries in 24 hours (ten)! As someone said somewhere along the way, we’ve been making AND breaking records.

Then we drove and drove and drove all the way up to Tromsø, Norway, far above the Arctic Circle, to play at the Bukta Festival, and along the way we hung out and played with the amazing Norwegian band Yo Yo Yo Acapulco, stopped in for a set at the Brønnøysund Roots Festival, and explored the fjords. Our van has been drifting south of late, however, and we’re headed now to southern Finland for gigs in Turku and Helsinki at the Kuudes Aisti festival. I’m determined to learn Finnish in the next three days so that my stage banter at the festival will be ylevä ja täydellinen, kuten komea mutta vaarallinen mies klassikko elokuva!

But friends, if we don’t catch up with you in Finland, we hope to see you around. We’re still Jenny from the Block, as the poet wrote, and we want to hang out with you. Ariel and I (Mathias) will be playing a few intimate shows in Germany in August, and then we’ll have a homecoming show on October 4 at the Ship with Nick Ferrio and his Feelings, and an appearance at the Halifax Pop Explosion, which I’ve always heard is nice. Plus – and this is only a rumour – there may be a special limited edition vinyl thingy with some tracks from the new record and some bonus weird ones on it, coming soonish. So don’t be a stranger.


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