Joining the fray of Jack Whites, Jay-Zs and Flaming Lips setting world records recently, The Burning Hell is set to break a world record in their own DIY, non-millionaire fashion.

On July 6, The Burning Hell will embark on a daring attempt to set a new world record for playing the most shows in the most countries in twenty-four hours. Beginning in Germany, the band will play ten concerts across Europe, ending in Slovenia 24 hours later.

The official Guinness rules are a bit too strict for The Burning Hell, since they involve taking commercial flights and playing in minimum 300-person capacity venues, and after all the Burning Hell is a band with big hearts but small wallets. But while this will be an unofficial attempt, a documentary film of the band’s adventure will chronicle every step of the marathon, and the world can decide for themselves whether or not the Burning Hell deserves the crown.

On tour in 2011, the band played four shows in four countries in 24 hours by accident. Looking into the record they discovered that Vincente Patiz currently holds the Guiness record for 8, while American guitarist Jeff Aug holds the unofficial record at 9.

Like a day-long version of a regular tour for small bands, the world record tour will include festival performances, house-shows, shows in record stores, bars and cafes throughout Europe. The Burning Hell dedicates this record attempt to the kind and loving DIY scenes that operate throughout the world and the hard-working bands and artists who tour regardless of obstacles that might stand in their way.

The Burning Hell is a five-piece band, and will pour themselves out of their tour van in the following locations:

July 6 – 19:00: Aachen, Germany – Hotel Europa
July 6 – 20:15: Maastricht, Netherlands – JVE
July 6 – 21:15: Liège, Belgium – L’An Vert (Festival Les Barbantes)
July 6 – 23:45: Luxembourg-Ville, Luxembourg – Le Rocas
July 7 – 1:15: Metz, France – L’Astrophone
July 7 – 7:00: Trogen, Switzerland – Viertel
July 7 – 8:30: Vaduz, Liechtenstein – Trou Noir
July 7 – 11:00: Innsbruck, Austria – Down Town Sound
July 7 – 15:00: Verona, Italy – Casetta Lou Fai
July 7 – 18:30: Šmartno (Goriška Brda), Slovenia

Join us for victory on Facebook HERE!


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