Water, danger, good times

Every time we come to Tübingen we’re overwhelmed by what a fantastic bunch of people live and put on shows at Wilhelma, and how incredible the audiences they attract are. But in the words of Phoebe Kreutz, last night was fun; tonight is gonna be fun too – we’re off to Nürnberg to play at Hemdendienst, and then it’s south and east to Austria, Slovakia and points beyond.

We’ve had a wonderful few weeks so far: Liechtenstein (Trou Noir in Vaduz and Alte Post in Schaan) was great as always, proving undoubtedly that it’s not the size that counts. We also had a really good time touring in Switzerland with MoreEats, antifolk king of Triesenberg, including a video shoot for Nick in Zürich, a visit to the thermal baths in Baden, and a beautiful mountaintop show in Trogen, complete with tiny ping-pong and giant sausages. This past week we’ve been joined by hometown heroes Pilot to Bombardier, and it’s been so much fun touring with them, getting to hear their beautiful music, and of course going to the water-park in Schwäbish Hall, where Nick and Jake had a hilarious mid-waterslide mishap and I got over my fear of four-story vertical drops into shallow pools. If anyone knows of any particularly exciting water-parks along our route, especially ones that might not pass safety code in Canada, please let me know. I think I’m addicted.


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